Week 1: The Transient Period Begins and Ends!

Hey All!

My first week in the Old World has come to a close. Here is a quick summary of the highlights. My first destination was the lovely City of Edinburgh. Absolutely stunning spot. Hard to really come to grips with the amount of history in a city like that. That is true for so many cities over here. I am used to buildings being 50 years old not 500! I found myself often in awe as I roamed the streets. One important thing to learn quickly over here is which side of the street to look down when you want to cross. I am getting the hang of it but I am often finding myself just following the locals lead. Speaking of the locals, they speak English I guess… though I have had better luck speaking English with Germans! There were numerous occasions when they asked me a question and I answered a different question. Confused looks abound! They seem a bit put off by runners as well. I guess there is more dodging to be done in a bigger city! Pretty much every runner I’ve seen over here runs with a back pack which always seems quite full. What’s in there? What can you not possibly go without on a one hour run? I will continue to report on this mystery as more information comes to light…

My next destination was the lovely little town of Cheltenham. It’s located in the south of England close to Wales and 2 hours outside of London. As I learned yesterday this is where I will be setting up shop for the next little while. I’ve accepted a job with a firm called Barnett Waddingham with their investment team. The firm is quite similar to Morneau and my job will be largely the same as what I was doing back home. Their investment team is 8 deep and they seem like a fun group. There seemed to be ample teasing and ribbing amongst them so I think I will fit in quite nicely! No start date on the books yet but I will likely start with them over the next few weeks. Big relief to have a place to hang my hat. I have been dragging an obnoxious amount of luggage around with me so far!

The town of Cheltenham itself is a small little English town which I think will suit me just fine. The rest of the UK is still very accessible from there and I think it is the perfect spot to set up shop! I will certainly have more to say about Cheltenham as I begin to bond with the spot. I can already tell that the running there is going to be very enjoyable! There are a few running groups as well that I will definitely check out.

I am currently in London checking out the sights. So many people! There are plenty of quiet spots to be found though. I’ll be here for the next few days before heading back to Cheltenham to get life up and running! As a reward for obtaining employment I am going to check out The Book of Mormon tonight! Because shows like that actually run here. There is also a continuous running of Les Miserables which I will definitely be watching the absolute fuck out of sometime! I am happy to have London accessible for stuff like that but not have to post up here permanently!

I have been doing a lot of setting up life stuff in my first week and that will certainly continue over the next week as well so I don’t have anything too exciting to share yet.

I’ll close with a bit of a rant. The walk signs at traffic lights! For someone reason which I can guarantee no one fucking understands the walk signs are on in both directions at the same time. So basically the walkers have their own separate light. Why not just have the walk signs on in the same as the direction as traffic? You know what would make sense. Actually… perhaps in such a dense spot such a set up would make it impossible for cars to make turns. Hmmmm.. actually I guess it does make sense. I retract my rant.

Take care.



4 thoughts on “Week 1: The Transient Period Begins and Ends!

  1. Sounds like you’re off to a good start! Wikipedia tells me Cheltenham is the home of the flagship race of British steeplechase horse racing.


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