A Town Called Cheltenham

Hey All,

In today’s Blog entry I want to introduce everyone to the setting of my life for the foreseeable future. Cheltenham, England. If someone would of asked me this time last year where I would be in a years time I can tell you that Cheltenham would have been assigned a probability of zero below more likely choices such as Damascus, Pyongyang, Yarmouth and the Moon. But alas, here I am. It goes to show how impossible it can be to predict the course of your life!

Cheltenham is a small town (roughly 100,000 people) located in the south west of England and situated next to Wales. It is positioned on the edge of the Cotswold which a small area of England known for its rolling hills and beautiful small historic towns.


So what is Cheltenham best known for? Judging from this weekend I think the answer is horse racing. This weekend was a “race weekend”, a time in which the population of Cheltenham literally doubles due to an influx of Brits who want to drink and bet on horse races. I did not venture outside too much this weekend (I suffered from a very acute flu Saturday which I am sure was in no way correlated with the number of beers I enjoyed on Friday night) but the brief period I did spend outside was utter madness! Drunkards everywhere and none of them University students! Just a whole lot of middle aged sloshed British folks. I ran past the race track last weekend and I am sure I will take in a race weekend at some point. However I don’t feature myself slamming back beers and betting on horses solo so it will have to wait until I fill out my friends circle a bit.

The town is also known for its abundance of festivals which visit throughout the year. I assume that most of these festivals are indoors since it is never sunny here. Ever.

Cheltenham is a fairly affluent town with an unemployment rate below 3%. It was even recently voted as the best place in the UK to raise a family by The Daily Telegraph! I can certainly attest to a large number of noisy small humans strewn about everywhere! I wonder where it ranks in terms of destinations for 30 year old single men moving away from home for the first time…

Lets move the conversation over to a discussion of my favourite places in Cheltenham so far. We can begin with Honeybourne Line. This is an old railway line that was converted into a footpath. It leads from my apartment to pretty much everywhere I go. I literally take this path everyday. It is also great for running!


Another favourite spot of mine is Cleeve Hill which I ventured to last weekend. It is the highest point in the Cotswold. The following picture says everything that needs to be said.


My other favourite places at this point are all coffee shops. I have already mentioned the quality of the coffee and baked goods are top notch.

Briefly in other news, I started work last Wednesday. Going well so far. The team I am working with seem like a solid cast of characters. Just getting used to their systems at this point but the job is by and large the same as what I was doing back in Halifax. Shouldn’t be too long before I am fully up and running and useful!

I think that is all for now. Sorry no rants this time. I have a couple more brewing but I will save them for some point in the future. In closing though, I will leave you with this. Anyone know what the fuck this is supposed to be?


Till next time!

Take care.



4 thoughts on “A Town Called Cheltenham

  1. That is one, strangely unlikely couple in the last picture of this week’s blog Matt…….not quite sure what to make of it!!
    However, the pic from the top of your favourite hill is spectacular, is that ocean that we see in the distance to the west (I assume)?!? I didn’t realize you were that close to the coast!!
    Take care and keep the news coming,


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