Happy Christmas!

Hey All,

As I am very much missing everyone back home I thought I would share a Christmas Story with you. Note that the story has nothing to do with Christmas but it is classic tale of the sort of misadventures I tend to find myself in.

I fly out to Helsinki tomorrow morning. Given that it can be difficult to get around over Christmas I booked a two night stay outside the Gatwick  Airport to make sure everything goes smoothly tomorrow morning. Yesterday I took the train from Cheltenham to the Gatwick Airport arriving at around 8pm. I take out my phone to see where the Holiday Inn (my destination) is in relation to the Gatwick Airport (my location). Note that it would have been foolish to investigate this ahead of time. Fortunately my elaborate research indicated that it was about 2 kms away. Walking distance! Why spend 20 quid on a cab when I can walk? I might as well burn my money! So I set off. After getting turned around for awhile I finally make it out of the airport and find myself tramping down the highway towards my location. Maybe I should have realized that airports tend to be surrounded by highways and perhaps aren’t the best places to be walking from. Don’t worry Mom, there was plenty of sidewalk for me to walk on… In any case, after getting turned around a few times more I finally make it to my “destination”.

Matt: Howdy! There should be a reservation under Matt Hurshman. That’s H U R S…
HI Eee: Just a moment sir.

While he checks the system I take in the surroundings. My oh my this was some fancy hotel. Merry Christmas indeed!

HI Eee: I can’t seem to find you sir.
Matt: Are there any other Holiday Inns in the area?
HI Eee: There are 3.
Matt: Oh.
HI Eee: Shall I call you a taxi?
Matt: … Yes.

20 quid later I find myself at the correct Holiday Inn and safely checked in for a unique Christmas experience. Note that I have chosen not to divulge how long my journey took.

Hopefully this doesn’t stand as one of the greatest stories written in this Blog. I just really wanted to talk to everyone and it does really capture what me travelling alone looks like.

I’ve had a fairly nice quiet Christmas drinking tea and taking in British Christmas cartoons. Quite therapeutic really. My next entry will be post Finland so there will be plenty to report back on!

Happy Christmas.


One thought on “Happy Christmas!

  1. Matt, Matt, Matt…….
    Sometimes that first dollar (or quid!!) spent is the best investment possible! Ha, ha….you’ve gotta let me know how Finland is treating you!!
    I’m in the office again, very quiet so should be able to catch up on things. Supposed to get 20-25 cms of snow today through this evening, we’ll see how that turns out……I bet you don’t miss that crap!!
    Enjoy the games and make sure Canada beats the Swedes!!


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