Helsinki Hilarity

Hello there!

I plan on posting an entry soon about my goings on in January. Honestly, it has been a relatively quiet month. The British do a “Dry January” where they stay away from alcohol and live a subdued lifestyle to compensate for the indulges of the holiday season. I seem to have naturally done the same. I do have some things lined up over the next couple months that I am pretty excited about though. I will share those next time!

I want to flashback to last month and share a story from Helsinki that didn’t make it into my Helsinki post. This story falls into the category of “Misadventures with Matt”. I assume I whetted your appetite for such tales with my Christmas story. Well this one takes place not 48 hours later right after I landed in Helsinki and again relates to finding accommodation.

My time in Helsinki was my first experience using AirBnB. I was renting an apartment from this chap Mike who was out of town for the holidays. I was instructed to meet his friend Pekke outside his apartment. Mike was kind enough to give me fool proof instructions to get from the airport to his apartment. They were indeed fool proof as I successfully got from the airport to his apartment without any issues at all. That isn’t the story here though it is shocking enough to warrant mentioning!

As I approached the front gate to Mike’s apartment I easily spot a Rob Ford physiqued man standing in front of the gate. I ask Rob if his name is Pekke to which he mumbles a quick yes and turns away and stares into the gate. I find his standoffishness a bit concerning but quickly shrug it off. I was riding pretty high on excitement at that moment as I was two hours removed from the Canada/US hockey game. After about 15 seconds of awkward standing around he comments on how terrible the weather is. To this I enthusiastically reply “Yeah the weather is great! It’s exciting to see some snow!”. I mean, who knows when I am going to see the stuff again so I was pretty excited about it. He seems a bit confused at this and starts fiddling with his phone mumbling something about how the key pad to open the gate is not working. After another painful 30 seconds, a man that looks like my dentist back in Halifax approaches the gate. He opens it up and Rob and I follow him. The apartment building is under construction so it is in a state of disrepair but I don’t mind. I am looking forward to quickly tossing my stuff into the apartment and turning around to go to the hockey game! So I follow my dentist and Rob into this tiny service elevator. Given Rob’s circumference and my luggage, it was fairly cramped and I was a bit concerned at the possibility of getting trapped in there if something went amiss. I guess my dentist and Rob felt the same because they suggested that we take the stairs. So we tramp up about 5 flights of stairs eventually arriving at the “apartment”. My dentist opens the door up and coasts inside followed by Rob and myself. It is at this point that my dentist looks at me and asks “Who are you? What are you doing here?”. I reply “I’m renting the apartment from Mike…?” My dentist looks infinitely perplexed. He replies “Well that isn’t here.”. I respond “Oh….. Well this was very entertaining. Take care!” and turn and exit the apartment.

I would be very entertained to have access to the stream of consciousness on those two during this whole event.

Who is this guy? Why is he so chipper? Is he following us? Why is he following us? Why is he getting into the elevator? Fuck, we don’t all fit in this elevator. He is following us. Why is he following us? Why is he in my apartment?

In any case, I go back outside and text the real “Pekka” and get myself quickly and properly situated.

More updates soon!

Take care.



One thought on “Helsinki Hilarity

  1. Too flippin’ funny Matt!! Only you could get into that…….how was the apartment after all that?
    All is well here, freakin’ crazy busy but all is good. We have 21 IPR’s to complete this quarter and now 6 ALM’s have piled up for completion this quarter as well!! Darin, Dan, Jordan and Andrew will all earn their keep this month……..just trying to keep their heads above water!! We won the massive McCain RFP on their Canadian plans so one of the ALM’s mentioned above actually means 5 ALM’s all wrapped into one! Yahoo!! Wanna come home and help out for a month or so?!?
    More later buddy,


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