Cardiff – Man vs. Machine

Hey There!

I feel like I’ve been letting this slide a bit but 11 entries in 6 months is probably a reasonable amount of production. Perhaps my feeling comes from the fact that I have so much I want to write about! April was a tad bananas in terms of busyness. (I attempted to spell this as business and realized how wrong that looked! But with the English language who the fuck knows right?). In any case, it is doubtful that things are going to slow down anytime soon so I am hoping to get caught up to date with this over the next week!

First up is my epic one on one race against Mo Farah in Cardiff. Well…. I thought it was supposed to be a one on one race. I mean, that was my understanding but a bunch of other assholes showed up for it as well. Word must have gotten out or something. It’s not too often that these folks would have an opportunity to run with me so I guess I can’t blame them. I think Mo was a bit disappointed by it though.

In all seriousness, the race was an incredible experience. The event was a World Championship so it brought out some of the best in the World. It was pretty exciting to be “competing” in that kind of field. So no one is confused about my running ability, any Tom, Dick, or Harry can entry this race! It just so happens that a bunch of folks that really know what they are doing show up as well!

The race went very well despite the weather conditions being completely rubbish. We had a very nice complete down pour at about the half way point that lasted for 3 minutes. I guess it was actually sort of refreshing! I was cruising along until the last 5km when my legs started to get a bit heavy. I need to work on pacing myself better! It takes some serious discipline (which I don’t have) to not get really excited and burn it out of the gate. Regardless, I did manage to knock a bit over a minute off my PB. Mo Farah ended up doing okay as well. He finished 3rd and clocked in at around 28 minutes faster than me. It was actually my goal not to lose to him by more than 30 minutes so I consider the event a complete success! The highlight of the race for me was screaming at and then high-fiving two Canadian flags!


This trip was actually my first trip over to Wales despite it being only an hour away on the train and me living 3 minutes from the train station. To recap for my Canadian friends, the United Kingdom is made up of 4 countries: England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Wales is of course English speaking but they also have the Welsh language which I reckon came into existence before vowels were created.

It may have been the positive vibes from the race atmosphere but I felt very at home in Cardiff. The Welsh are a top rate group of folks by any measure. Very welcoming and friendly! And they give a fuck about hockey! I saw stores SELLING hockey equipment. Real hockey not field hockey! And I was chatting to a girl in a queue for coffee and her favourite hockey team was the Toronto Maple Leafs! Certainly a shitty choice on her part but I was infinitely tickled by the revelation.

All in all, a perfect 10 of a weekend. Wales, I will certainly be back!

Take care.



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