About My Trip

As most of you know I have moved to the UK. I am over here on a Youth Mobility Visa which allows me to work for a period of two years. The plan is to find a job somewhere in my field and build a life out over the next little while. I also plan on exploring the rest of Europe including numerous trips to Munich to see my good friend Rory!

I have had a lot of people ask about the rationale behind this move. It’s hard to quantify. I guess I have been feeling burnt out for a long while and I’ve been struggling to regain my focus. I’ve always felt like I wanted my life to have at least one big adventure. The timing seemed right to pull up anchor and branch out somewhere new. So here I am!

The primary purpose of this blog is to keep everyone back home up to date on my goings on. I can ensure you all that you are never too far from my thoughts so thankfully this blog gives me an outlet to communicate with you all when I am missing home! I am not sure what I will end up writing about but possibilities include: daily life in the UK, observations about UK culture, various side adventures around Europe and who knows what else!

I am interested to see how this all works out.




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